Friday, 19 June 2015

DMC Android One Rom


Ported For Micromax A76/A74 by RaghavCool.
DMC Update by Martda.
DMC A1 Rom V3 Updtate Made by Raghav now available for Download.
Credits: Althaf Mohammed ,Martda,iloey,RaghavCool

Lockscreen Bug Manually Fix Method:

Even after many tries and attempts,I was not able to fix this problem first,becuase i didn't know,what exactly is causing this problem in our Phones,But later,I found a easy fix for it,Just increase the Brightness to full or a little back from Full. Dont Decrease it very Much. just Disable Locksreen from Slide to None.

Recommended-Use Launcher3 as Default Launcher if asked!
Scrolll down to see the new features of V3 update.

- Switch 3G
- Battery Style
- Clock Style
- Tinted using FMD
- UI,Framework,Ringtone,Boot Animation,Easter Egg Lollipop
- 3 Way To Reboot
- Fix Battery Information
- Add & Fix Some Color Tint Library
- Phone Header Color Fix
- Add Left Lock Alignment Setting
- Replace Stock Running Process Bar with L Like
- Status Bar Icon Now Smaller
- Change Default Clock Color To White
- Move Network Stats to Left
- Add Status Bar Swipe Gesture ( Able to Show Status Bar When Playing Game)
- Lollipop 90 %
- Some Small Bug Fixes

Update v3 Features(Added by Me)
-Added HD Android L Material Wallpapers
-Brown System ui (Source by Martda)
-Added Many Performance,Battery,Media,Smoothness Tweaks.
-Better experience.
The Rom is running dam Smoothly now!

Recommended Apps(Manually Download and Install)
-Use "Lollipop Lockscreen Android L" app for Android L Lockscreen.
-Use MX Player for running HD Videos Smoothly.

Download Link:

Download Update v3
Enjoy the Fun!