Wednesday, 4 March 2015

iPhone 6 (IOS8) Updated ROM

Rom:iPhone 6 (ios8)

Devices:Micromax A76/A74


*Ios 8 Appearance

*Complete iPhone 6 Apperance

*iPhone Boot Animation

*Awesome Ram Management

*Can play HD Games

*iPhone Settings app

*iphone Notifications

*iphone 6 Sounds

*iphone 6 HD wallpapers(Complete album)

*iPhone 6 Dialer

*iPhone 6 Messaging App

*iPhone 6 Slide to Unlock

*Camera quality increased!

Here are some Screenshots:


I have made this rom by combining two roms: One is iPhone5s developed by me(Raghav) and second one is ported ios8 rom to give you the best iPhone experience...

Download link:Click here to download

Enjoy the Fun!!